Short and synthetic Conferences: 1 hour to 1 hour and half

Each conference allows you to focus on a specific theme at the centre of the daily practices of designers.

Conferences Programme

As on 15.01.2015 – Can be modified

CIOpening Plenary.The changes in the design trades face to the technological developments, the collaborative projects, the emergence of new areas of expertise, etc…French and European perspectives

Hosted by Mrs Anne-Marie Boutin, President of the APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation)

Technological progress, societal changes and their interactions on the work of the designer : 5 conferences

F1The position of the designer into the companyBecome an offeror solutions, not products.Animated by Anne-Marie Boutin, APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation)

Gilles ROUGON, Interdisciplinary Design manager, EDF
Vincent SCHMITT, Designer – Designers Federation (FéDI)

F2Changes in consumer expectations.Ecology, technology, economics, new behaviors … How the designer is in societal changes’s heart?Gérard LAIZÉ, General Manager
VIA – French Furniture Industries
F3Circular Economy & design – eco design – What are the issues?Consequences for the designer? Fields of application products and services? What is a “sustainable” product ?Speakers : Nicolas BUTTIN,Co-funder of Wiithaa – Béatrice GISCLARD, Alliance Française des designers and PhD University of Avignon
T1The design and the connected objects. (IoT)How to approach the design for a connected object? issues, growth markets and prospectives. Let’s talk about success story.Animated by Damien LEGOIS Department Director interaction design – STRATE COLLEGE
T23D printing : different, current and future technologies.3D printing: advantages and disadvantages of different technologies.
Service offers 3D printing: equipment purchases vs benefits of printing services.
Speaker : Marine CORE BAILLAIS, Chief Marketing Officer SCULPTEO

To enhance and update your knowledge in evolutionary domains : 6 conferences

VJ 1designer’s rights protection in europeHow to protect his works at European level? How to sell?
Author royalties and rights: What are the protections of the designer?
Speakers: ERIC LE BELLOUR of Wip Law firm
and LAETITIA BENEDETTI MALRAISON, lawyer in intellectual property.
VJ 2Industrial property and collaborative work.The perimeters of collaboration, manage knowledge.
How to allocate the IP of each partner involved in a project?
The role of Fablabs.
Animated by the CNCPI (Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Intellectuelle)
VJ 33D printing and intellectual property, What to avoid?
Definition of specific contractual arrangements to 3D printing – the ownership and protection of innovations.Animated by the CNCPI (Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Intellectuelle)
VP 1Respond to the public tenders and private consultations. How to sell its expertise? Open the possibilities field.How to sell its expertise? Open the possibilities field. Feedback of French and international experiences.Speaker: CLAIRE FOUCQUIER has exercised as deputy general manager duties in a city
30,000 inhabitants, in charge of general administration, finance and procurement.
VP 2Overview of financial tools for innovation and projects.The grant: French Tech, Crowdfunding, CICE…Speaker: MATHIEU ORMIERES, an engineer, has followed a course on technology management and innovation. He is responsible for the support of designers and design companies at “le lieu du design”
VP 3The experience of FabLabs (markerLab) : How do they change the collaborations?What are the profits in the business of Design?
New trends in innovation through sharing expertise.
What collaborative models will influence the design profession ?
How fablabs participate in new values ​​?
Animated by NICOLAS BARD, founder of ICI MONTREUIL
BERTRAND MARQUET, Open Innovation Manage and cofounder “Le Garage” ALCATEL-LUCENT BELL LABS FRANCE -
FRÉDÉRIC VACHER, Director Strategy Marketing at DASSAULT SYSTEMS -
MICHAEL DESMOULINS, Open Innovation Manager and Creative Lab Director -RENAULT