Material Workshops

30 mn / workshop

Whitness live demonstration on new materials. See, touch, material that are the core of tomorrow’s design and get to know the manufacturers, nothing better to stay ahead of the competition!

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M1Workshop 1 :

What’s up, doc?
A fast all-round view of the latest innovations identified by the library “materiO’” emerging materials forcefully manipulate samples.

M2Workshop 2 :

Composites compounds
Design objects made of composite materials, which materials choice, what possibilities processing methods, costs, constraints, advances…

M3Workshop 3 :

Light on the brightest moment of technologies. Around many sources demonstration, a discussion with a light expert, on its recommendations, the rapid changes in the market, the concepts of cost, durability, installation and maintenance …
Hosted by Martin Fournols – ABSEL

M4Workshop 4 :

Wood U?
Focus on wood, a material that is back on the stage and, casually, never ceases to amaze us: cross-linking, translucent wood, 3D wood, soft wood, densified to… nanocellulose!

M5Workshop 5 :

Plastic is fantastic
Overview of supply “plastic” in light of environmental issues: biopolymers, polymers wood, recycled polymers bases, recyclability.
Hosted by Thomas Lefevre – NATUREPLAST

M6Workshop 6 :

Ethics textile
What textile supply at our disposal in the field of clothing, such as Furniture that offers ethical safeguards? Traceability, water consumption, recycled content, Fair Trade… What guarantees can be obtained?
Facilitated workshop with samples in support.

M7Workshop 7 :

Materials of Science
Superconductors, semiconductors, meta-materials, piezoelectric components, amorphous metals… words that make you dream… decrypted by a scientist with demonstrations in support. A fascinating journey into the world of matter.

M8Workshop 8 : Glass

Visible / Invisible
Glass daily lives in strange paradoxes, such as exist without being seen or combine fragility and strength. He might cultivate discretion, this material is extremely powerful and fascinating long time ago. What kind of feats glass accomplished today? Into thin sheets, he knows become soft; married to the world of electronics, it leads information, images … to the end of the world; What we still reserve?

M9WORKSHOP 9 : Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature
Nature does a lot with very few resources, nature recycles everything, nature is an extraordinary energy efficiency, nature has finally shown a disconcerting intelligence, and it finally appears today as the model of an “industry” has perfectly mastered sustainable development. It offers us fantastic creative field and a design methodology, biomimicry.
MatériO present a selection of materials and nature-inspired technologies:
honeycombs intelligent structure, artificial muscles, through paintings or textiles reproducing the lotus effect, glues inspired adhesion properties molds, structures imitating the wings of butterflies…

Discover, experience, assess, compare, exchange…

The material workshops are specially designed for that.