Program Committee / Professional Partners :

Since its creation in 1983, the APCI develops collective tools and actions to promote an economic, social and cultural approach of design in France and of French design abroad. The APCI organises L’observeur du designTM, showcase for design for everyday living, and Forum Design, mode d’emploiTM for the employability of the young design professionals. Under the banner of France Design InnovationTM, it participates in major international design events. It also conducts also pilot projects in Europe, with the European Commission. It is a light structure at the heart of a network of actors in the field of design and innovation in France and abroad.

The French Designers Alliance is the union of professional designers, managers of companies, independent or integrated in all disciplines – graphic design, spaces, products – who want to master the legal, social and tax aspects of design to develop a strong business best professional practice and who choose to come together to take concrete action to defend the economic and social interests of the design profession by supporting the investment required to develop the means of action. First union of multidisciplinary design and first by the number of members, AFD exists and innovates for designers for 10 years and, thanks to its unique system of advance procedure it support actions for the benefit of all profession.

In 2008 CUMULUS France, High Schools Association design changes name to become FRANCE DESIGN EDUCATION, High schools CUMULUS members of the international network.
French association of design schools (association governed by the law of 1 July 1901), its purpose is to promote design and applied arts as a teaching activity, creation, innovation and research as the training plan professionally. Its strength is to bring together different schools under guardianship (Ministry of Education, Culture, Industry) and different status (public, consular, private)

The Fedi, Federation of Industrial Designers, is a national union that brings together designers, professionals design (independent design agencies, designers integrated) all directly related businesses. For over 10 years the Fedi conducting field activities: research, code of ethics, methodological and legal tools, network animation to structure the profession and contribute to the development of the design profession.

Created by the Region Ile-de-France in 2009, Le lieu du design aims to design a major asset transformation and adaptation of existing facilities and to support and promote the development of new products and services incorporating design. Le Lieu du Design helps companies, designers, design schools and their students in developing their innovation projects through design. It also aims to educate the public and professionals to all forms of design through exhibitions, lectures, course designers …

Inspiration, Innovation, Independence and materials.
matériO was established in 2000 by a curious young French team of science, industry, material, design and innovation. Funded at birth by a Santa patron (Yvon Poullain) matériO is primarily a monitoring service on innovative and unique materials for architects, designers and other creators of all kinds. Our teams constantly identify and worldwide innovations or peculiarities materials independently choose the strongest elements to reference, invite industry selected to provide samples, to then service members can see, touch, play with thousands of materials in various physical matériauthèques in the world (now Paris, Brussels, Prague, Bratislava). Backed since 2012 by a talented team of open source developers, matériO offers simple and direct multilingual site, which is enriched continuously new materials and new features for discoveries constantly renewed.

Media Partners :

Blog Esprit Design is a blog dedicated to design in all forms: from idea to creation, from inspiration to manufacture, from hand to tool, from craftsman to designer… concepts that would be nothing without each other. Designer, Object, Furniture, Transportation, Architecture, News, Inspiration, Technology, Graduation Project … Since 2008, BED offers a daily instinctive selection, trying to dissect and to present  ”Design” approach, without forgetting market news.