In the spotlight

Designers’ creations are today in the spotlight. Many companies have built their success thanks to their products designs.

We all reckon the  added value by design to products.

Many events present designer’s creations but it’s the first time an event is totally dedicated to designers.

Euro DESIGNERS Congress

is exclusively dedicated to design professionals. 

It’s goal is to address issues that design professionals have to deal with.

  • new technologies
  • new materials
  • New developments and applications
  • Intellectual protection of works and creations
  • Experts consultations
  • Business development
  • Networking …

March 26 – 27, 2015

 2 days of exchange to focus on your specific issues, meet specialists, increase your knowledge and strengthen your professional network…

La Cité de la Mode et du Design

In the heart of Paris,  on the docks of the Seine river, this venue dedicated to design is the perfect place to hold the 1st congress dedicated to European designers.